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Magdalena Borkowska,

Описание работы
When I was a little child I saw a Russian carton about the lonely tree standing in the middle of nowhere. One day the cat was passing by with its tail upright. When the tree saw him, it gladly asked if he would stay with it.
But the cat wasn't interested, he was heading to town looking for new adventures.
- Listen, the tree said, the autumn is coming, and it is a long way to town. If you stay here with me I'll protect you and give you shelter, I'll warm you on cold days and when you feel lonely I'll keep you company. And when the spring enter you can continue your journey to town. The cat agreed and the tree was happy.
After winter, the spring inevitably came. The cat jumped down from the tree and without a word started his journey to town, it wasn’t its intention to spend more time in the middle of nowhere. The tree was devastated and as a child so was I.
The tree stretched out its branches and cried desperately out after his friend begging him to stay…and the cat finally did.

This series of paintings is very dear to me and close to my heart. I call it ‘Embracing The Wholeness’. It is about the whole journey we sometimes must make round our inner landscape in order to discover, understand, find and to heal ourselves. The journey that take us on a walk through our deepest abyss, memories and starry nights. That force us to dive into the forgotten, twisted and mysterious places we have to face. But it is also about all the beauty, joy, love maze, summery skies and feelings that travel inside our world. This series is about such a discovery. I’ve translated everything into pictures and colors to tell the story. The story of embracing the wholeness, embracing the whole self.
Жанр: Интерьер
Ключевые слова: abstract   expressionism   tree   cat   metaphysical   adventures   animal art  
Предложение: PDF
Материал: масло
Основа: холст
Добавлено: 7 ноября 2019 года
Материалы: холст, масло
Размеры: 81В x 100Ш (см)
Год создания: 2013
Рег. № 0410321
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
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