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Anastasia Anait,
Perspectives,philosophical art

Описание к оригинальной работе
Watercolor symmetrical polytych with 4 A3 sheets
Very often in hinduism I've heard a phrase: whatever happens,- happens, and you will always get yours.
Another topic to think about)
I adore thinking. Reading, observing and thinking!
Things really happens. And very solid fact, - result of my deep thinking process, - I've came up with - you can;t change anything, but your reaction.
And your reaction strongly connected and depends on a ...guess, what?)
Perspective, of course)
But, still a few more words) My name is Anastasia, and I call myself Anait.
And I bet, nobody really cares about my biography or life story facts) But there is something, that I’d really like to share with ya:
1. I solemnly swear that I don't have any art diplomas, neither any knowledge, but just numerous skills and noble passion to Create.
2. Don't ask me anything. You won't get any replies. And not cause I'm rude) But cause you're the one to reply. My art has still no name. You are The One. To name it.To blame it.To understand it.Or to refuse it.To agree or to dispute. But the very first thing you are The One to decide - to slow down and give it a chance, or to pass by.( Like a freshly made coffee aroma, brought by a tiny morning whispering breeze.Or like a very busy person, who desperately wants to owe some art, but has actually no time for it.)Before -nothing else matters ;)So. No offense for my quietness. I speak really loud. And my Art is a language. If you are not ready to listen - don't call me rude for that.
3. I don't make replicates, duplicates or copies. Each piece is the only one. I may create something by order.If your idea will really touch me)
God may bless you, holly souls!
Anait, with love
Perspectives,philosophical art
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Perspectives,philosophical art
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