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Mansur Boybekov,
So much happiness in our life

Описание работы
"So much happiness in our life!" by Mansur Boybekov
In the modern world around us so much is happening! Sometimes it seems that the film called "life" is being rolled faster and faster. But the shots in it, meanwhile, are becoming brighter and more interesting!
Life is too precious, and more than that she has one, so you need to try to catch every frame of bright and dark scenes skip.
Every year the conviction that we were born for happiness and in order to give happiness to our beloved people is becoming stronger and stronger in me.
The painting “So much happiness in our life!” is painted with acrylics on canvas. The canvas has a size of 43.3x29.5 in.
In this picture, as in many of my other paintings, the edges do not remain empty, but also have a drawing. Thanks to this, you can hang a picture and no frame. It is now very fashionable.
I noticed a paradox: to express my idea in an abstract style is much more difficult than, for example, to draw something realistic. But then, the picture turns out to be deep, and the meaning becomes multifaceted. Everyone can see something of their own, something that is close to him.
To create the whole picture usually takes 6-7 hours. Acrylic dries very quickly (15-20 minutes), so I put the paint in layers. Due to this appears the very depth and versatility of the picture.
In the interior.
When writing the picture “So much happiness in our life!” I used bright and light colors such as: yellow and green.
Along the edges of the picture you can see the golden sparkles. They give the picture elegance.
Warm shades of the picture will bring more comfort to your interior. The picture always adds to the interior of refinement, and abstract painting is best suited for this. Abstractions performed professionally, like the picture “So much happiness in our life!” For example, do not depend on the style of the interior and do not impose their own. Moreover, the choice of which side to hang a picture is always yours!
Add to your interior warmth, comfort and happiness with the painting “So much happiness in our life!”.

Жанр: Интерьер
Стиль: Модерн
Ключевые слова: Canvas Painting Acrylic   Modern art   Original Painting   Hand Painted   Urban Art   Contemporary Art  
Предложение: PDF
Материал: акрил
Основа: холст
Добавлено: 12 апреля 2019 года
So much happiness in our life
Материалы: холст, акрил
Размеры: 29.5В x 43.3Ш (см)
Год создания: 2019
Рег. № 0196856
Оригинальная работа, доступна в 1 экземпляре
195 000 грн.
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So much happiness in our life
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