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Art Exhibition-Sale

Art Exhibition-Sale

Anya Slonim, Studios, Tucson, Arizona
23.02.2019 | 11:00

An art exhibition-sale of the selected paintings in Art Deco style dated various years by the USA-based Russian-American painter, Anya Slonim.

The selection of 14 paintings dated various years but mainly of the 20th century, including one giclée copy of the painting 'Looking Inside', are offered for the exhibition-sale. Some of the paintings are framed. The frames were chosen by the artist and are either hand-made or sourced out in New York.

During the sale there will be other paintings on display by the same artist. Visitors are welcome to view and admire them and, if they fall in love with one or two, then make an offer to the artist.

The paintings presented appear on sale for the first time since until now the artist did not want to part with them due to a special emotional attachment to her art works.

Some refreshments will be offered to visitors.

More details on www.anyaslonimstudios.com